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About Arbaflame

Arbaflame has spent a decade and invested around NOK 550 million (owner’s equity/equity like instruments and grants) in developing a patented technology which enables the production of black pellets from bio waste (“ArbaCore”). ArbaCore can fully replace coal in coal-fired power plants worldwide. When replacing coal with ArbaCore in coal fired power plants, Co2 emissions are reduced by approximately 90% compared to coal. Thus, ArbaCore enables long term use of coal-fired power plants with minimal Co2 emissions and a speedy, cost efficient switch from coal to environmentally friendly energy sources. Through the same process of making ArbaCore pellets from bio waste, Arbaflame’s technology is also able to extract high value biochemicals with significant positive environmental impact and high earnings potential.

Investment highlights

  • Vast addressable market
  • Proven technology
  • Scalable business model
  • Global potential

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